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Might as well put this up here. Donate if you want. I'm not begging for points, but if you DO donate, it would be much appreciated. I may use these...some day.. :plotting:

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Hey, if YOU need points, here are some accounts that I trust to do just that, as well as dish out llamas, watches, or other blank for blank:

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LB - Cake Fan by Nironan12 LB - Google Chrome by Nironan12 Mudkip Lil'Badge by Notgonnadie Ninja badge by ERHBuggy Badge - Writer by bendenfield LLAMA LOVE lil badge by MosaicSplash LB - Manga by Nironan12 Anime Fan :Badge: by Circe-Baka Androgynous-Badge by Dinoclaws LilBadge: Singer by aumarra Badge - Photographer by bendenfield LilBadge: Dog Lover by aumarra Virgo Zodiac Badge by Neko-CosmicKitty Ravenclaw-Badge by Dinoclaws Naruto Fan Badge by Neko-CosmicKitty La Love Lil Badge by NuciComs LB - United States by Nironan12 Steam User Lil Badge by Stollrofl

Hey Ya'll.

Before I tell you what I like, I might as well give you some info on who I really am, though you can't REALLY understand who I am and what I'm like until you meet me face-to-face, but that costs extra ;P

I'm a Caucasian chick, Virgo, average height and weight for my age. I am diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and Asperger's, or at least "educational autism"...Don't worry, I have one or the other for real, because how else can you explain my horrible childhood concerning older kids chasing me on their bikes? O__O And YES I AM diagnosed. I've been to doctors and counselors since 4th grade, been in a special education program since 3rd grade, and have been at "evaluation meetings" for my "label" at school since 7th grade. So don't say I just read about it and said "Hey, that's me!" ... :| This has caused me a lot of confusion, tears, depression, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, and general nihilism, so don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.

I am blunt, frank, open, and honest about my ideas and what I believe is the truth, as well as impartial to the point of appearing to work for both sides or..aah, on-the-fence. I call out on hypocrisy. I am not afraid to get physical with people, though in reality I am a wuss when it comes to pain, for I am hypersensitive to bright lights as well as my hair, which I go to great lengths to avoid anyone touching except a hairstylist or myself.

I am an avid fan of the anime/manga Naruto, as well as other various anime and manga. My most favorite character in the whole wide world is Deidara :meow:

I am still trying to figure myself out. Though I've come a long way from elementary school to high school and beyond. But I'm growing (hopefully) everyday.

I'm a little detached at times, I've combated SERIOUS depression, feelings of self-hate, bullies, my own insecurities and general distrust of people as well as trying to come to terms with the fact that I am not like other people: I CAN'T seem to connect like everyone else, and that coupled with butting heads with other classmates made me have a major meltdown 8th grade and freshman year. I am only just opening up to DeviantArt, probably one of the enablers of my self-hatred and low self esteem, but I WANT to be good at something I like to do. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing something because I truly love to do it or if I'm just tilling away so that one day I can be considered one of the "greats" in that particular field...

Also, if I offend anyone, I'm sorry, I don't really mean to on purpose. The internet is a very shaky place to maneuver around in; I'm sure many things would be cleared up if we had 24/7 face cams that we could use to communicate with each other. That way we wouldn't have misunderstandings via text or written word. Words carry no emotion or tones, so many hidden "cues" are lost...

But yeah.. let's get onto what I love and hate :iconballoonplz:

:heart:I love:heart:

:bulletblue:Akatsuki X3
:bulletred: Contemporary Hard Rock, Grunge, Post-Grunge, Progressive Rock/Metal, 60s oldies, Folk rock, sea shanties, Gregorian chanting, K-Pop, 70s, African spirituals, Indian Classical, and Voyageur rowing songs
:bulletblue: Surfing the web
:bulletred: Chatting online
:bulletblue: Being right! (When I AM right; not saying I'm right all the time)
:bulletred: Making lists :giggle:
:bulletblue: Order and structure
:bulletred: Relaxing in quiet places
:bulletblue:Being alone
:bulletred:Astrology/Zodiac (I'm a Virgo)
:bulletblue: Dancing
:bulletred: Palmistry
:bulletblue: Anime/Manga
:bulletred: Thinking
:bulletblue: Learning new things
:bulletred: Compliments...(I feel human when receiving compliments..especially from an esteemed artist or teacher...otherwise they go over my head and I don't really believe it when "regular people" tell me I'm good.. meh)


:threaten:I HATE:threaten:
:bulletorange:Racism and prejudice
:bulletpink:Feeling lonely and lonely people :(
:bulletorange:Rap, hip-hop, current R&B fused with any of the previous two genres, country, emo, screamo, "scene" music
:bulletorange:Crying (Me, I mean..but I hate it when babies and children cry too..)
:bulletpink:Disrespect towards total strangers
:bulletorange:Manipulation/mind control
:bulletpink:Loud noises
:bulletorange:Exposure to the sun
:bulletpink: Being out of the loop
:bulletorange: Saying sorry for things I'm NOT sorry for
:bulletpink: Chaos
:bulletorange: Children, spec. bratty ones that I can't slap upside the head for being inexcusably rude to their parents and to absolute strangers
:bulletpink: Large groups of people
:bulletorange: Scientology, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness (not the people per se, just their ideologies)
:bulletorange: Child pornography
:bulletpink: Double standards
:bulletorange: Religious/cult-like dogma
:bulletpink: Republicans, Fox News, and people who say all liberals are lazy (I'm lazy, but my Mom is a facking hard worker. So you shut up.)
:bulletorange: Trolls and immature people on the internet (yeah they're there, but seriously, I really pray they all get AIDS..)
:bulletpink: Teenagers who only JUST REALIZE that... GASP!!! .. there are serious issues out there! And they don't involve the mall, or dates, or their home town, or homecoming! (FLIPPING SERIOUSLY. It took you a fucking HISTORY CLASS to realize millions of men, women, and children are being sold for sex or labor all over the world? Get a fucking clue, you assnozzle)
:bulletorange: Lots and lots of leg hair and arm hair, as well as eyebrows that are too close together.. I'm sorry, it just makes me wanna take a razor and shave you! (shivers)
:bulletpink: People who make excuses for their favorite celebrities' blatantly illegal/harmful activities (Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Dahvie fans KNOW who you are)
:bulletorange: 12 and 22 year old males (don't ask me how or why, I just DON'T)
:bulletpink: Jokes about peoples' diseases, unless the person suffering from the disease makes the joke in the first place (Example: Michael J. Fox. I only find it funny if HE jokes about his Parkinson's, no one else other than other sufferers..)
:bulletorange: Models that don't smile when showing off their clothes (You'd look so much PRETTIER if you smiled, or at least smirked)
:bulletpink: Velvet (Don't ask .__. )
:bulletorange: Wolfaboos (All of you, fall off the Earth)

Just to be clear, I don't belong to any party, though my family is considered to be Democrat. Republicans were okay I guess in the past, but now it's just downright embarrassing and backwards the way they're tromping around nowadays...



I would like to say to anyone who :+fav: my work or :+devwatch: me that I really, really appreciate your support. I sometimes think that you who do those things are the only ones who understand me.

~Aww, sappy moment.


I LOVE LLAMAS! I will fave, llama, and possibly watch.

I don't really comment on work unless it's super striking, something from a fandom that makes me want to scream "YES!!! :la:", or super funny...because what CAN I say? Really? Especially ones with 1000 comments. What can I say that hasn't already been said?

I know llamas look like a hassle, but I've found a small joy in giving them to lots of people. I like receiving them, that makes me happy, but giving llamas for no reason is just as fun :meow:

So yeah, this chick is a ninja-llama-faver :shifty:


:icontobideiplz: :iconsasosakuplz: :iconsasodeiplz:

Paxton Fettel, Alma (F.E.A.R.)
Handsome Jack, Zero, Sir Hammerlock, Tiny Tina, Moxxxi (Borderlands)
Treavor Pendleton, Daud, Samuel (Dishonored)
Eddie Gluskin (Outlast)
Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)
The Joker (Batman)
Jareth (Labyrinth)
Mello, L (Death Note)
America, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Finland (Hetalia)
There really is no reason for me to be on here. You "artists" can slave away at your tablets and easels and make shit that is better than I could ever do, and I'll just type two or three words a day of my multiple fanfictions that will never be posted from my Notepad.

Like, this will still be *my* account but I've just been out of the loop for so long that I'm really only here for :iconkaoyux: and :iconlairam: . Literally, that is actually all I'm here for. 

So I'm on Tumblr where I blog about the hypocrisy of feminism, my slight misogyny despite being a girl myself (it's complicated and it doesn't become any easier to understand. Think of it as: I don't trust any woman as far as I can throw them because they're usually the ones stabbing me in the back, not guys), the perils of "social justice", and stupid people.

I'll still totally go on this site to look up great fan art and post it to my Tumblr with credits and links to the authors, don't worry. I have decency. But I just don't really see any point in being on this site anymore. People have moved on and I honestly can't look at this site after seeing they've changed the logo. What is seriously up with that .__. My new obsession is Steam.

blautitlewave . Look me up and blindly follow my choleric blog posts.
  • Mood: Movingon
  • Watching: Legend of Korra season 4

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